How to reset a communication channel?

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I have a task that sends course level notifications to students using the Canvas API, using communication channels, notification preferences, and conversations.

Communication Channel Fact of Canvas Data shows that, bounce_count is the Number of permanent bounces since the channel was last reset. If it's greater than 0, then no email is sent to the channel, until it is either reset by a siteadmin or it is removed and re-added by a user.

I read that description to say that no email is sent once 1 fails. District emails are all on same email system, so seeing 1-87 bounces for school emails is troublesome. The fact that a single bounce prevents the communication channel from future messages seems terrible.

How does the site admin reset the channel?

Communication Channels - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation

Does not have a reset option.

Seems like the only solution would be to DELETE and CREATE with skip_confirmation flag?

Any ideas?

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carroll-ccsd‌, the only way I know how to do this is to send a ticket to Canvas Support and ask them to remove the flag on the email. For our K-5 students we block all external emails so their addresses get flagged as soon as they're in Canvas. In September I send Support a list of accounts for our rising 6th graders so that we can get Canvas notifications to start sending back to their district email. I don't know of any other way as a site admin to reset the bounce count. Since the user account's primary email (district email) is sent from our SIS it can't be deleted by myself or the user to reset it. If someone's found a way to do this through API, I'd love to know.

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