Inconsistency in LTI 1.3 Documentation

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Looking here

in Step 2, the docs say

Among the required variables the request should include:

  • a redirect_uri, which must match at least one configured on the developer key.
  • a client_id that matches the developer key. This must be registered in the tool before the launch occurs.
  • the same login_hint that Canvas sent in Step 1.
  • a state parameter the tool will use to validate the request in Step 4.


However, in practice, when writing my own oidc redirect, I'm finding that I can exclude the login_hint, and that I am required to provide a lti_message_hint (which is also included in the payload from step 1)

I am including both in practice, but would like some clarification.   


Also, side note, it would be helpful if the Canvas docs simply spelled out ALL the required parameters in step 2, including examples of each required parameter.   Instead of listing a few of them and then having me jump to the IMS Spec page to figure out the rest.   

Thanks, Glen

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Instructure Alumni

@glparker  Would you please send your requests for changes and clarification to the documentation (this one, along with this one) in a Canvas support ticket? Our support team will make sure it's seen by the team responsible for maintaining these resources.


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