Integrating OAuth2 into my app

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I am a student who has been working on a canvas LMS integrated application that helps with my classes. I was trying to set up OAuth2 for it so I could have a better login experience but the docs say that the app needs to be registered and are quite unclear on the actual steps to set it up.

Currently, I just paste in and securely store the auth token in the back end but going to my account settings and finding it is not a smooth application flow, and so in the interest of having others be able to use my app I want to use OAuth2 to make it smoother.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to how to register an app/set up the OAuth2 flow for a web app.



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Hi @msteele3,

Getting a developer key installed in a Canvas instance might be the hardest part of this.  Your school will likely have a Canvas admin running their instance (usually in the eLearning / IT / Digital Education areas), but they may not want to give you access to their real Canvas instance.  Some schools have separate Canvas instances just for testing and evaluating tools, but I have no way of knowing if your specific school has that.  If you're tech savvy, you could run your own Canvas instance (see Production Start · instructure/canvas-lms Wiki · GitHub), but it will require a server and probably quite a bit of time to configure and test, so finding the Canvas team at your school would be the way I'd suggest starting.

Hope this helps!


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