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Interesting projects you're working on?

I'm wondering what kinds of projects others are doing with the Canvas API. I know we're all using scripts and plugins to do reporting, enrolling, and other wrangling, but is anyone working on something out of the main line? 

For instance, we've created a more robust interface for aggregating and displaying student Outcome results. Staff can import Outcomes per course and then attach those to assignments, which are auto-graded when an outcome meets a specified threshold. We're also importing all Outcome results (usually a rubric or quiz) into a database and allow staff to look at different score calculations and stats not offered by Caanvas natively.

The UCF open source team has an analytics tool, UDOIT, which provides accessibility reports for courses within an account. I haven't had time to try it out yet, but it's something I'm interested in as we work to improve accessibility across the district.

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That sounds great about your outcome project.  We are looking into developing an outcomes related project too that provides improved reporting by program.  It would be nice if outcomes offered the ability to include additional tags for things like this.

We are also looking into UDOIT.  UCF has created multiple great products as open-source projects and I hope to build my first LTI soon using their template as a starting point.

I'm also working on a project that allows instructors to "copy" announcements from an old course to a current course so that they still appear as the author and they can set a delayed post date/time.