Is it possible to create a new Canvas page?

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I'm developing a new application for Canvas, and I just want to verify one thing. Is it possible to program a new webpage on my server,, using a text editor or other material? Or would anything I make have to be its own page that works with Canvas endpoints and such?

EDIT: To expand on this some more, it's my understanding that while Canvas gives great assistance to any new software that wishes to use its resources, via endpoints, it does not permit aspects such as or Is that accurate?

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Hi Lee,

That's more-or-less the case.

The only exception would be if you self-hosted the an open-source version of Canvas on your own server instead of using Instructure's cloud offering. In that case, you could configure your HTTP server to serve whatever you want.

If you just want to publish some static files, though, you can always link directly to pages in public courses. 

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