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Is there a mechanism to automate the update of attendance data?

Is there a programmatic way (SIS import, API, magical electronic elves) to update the Roll Call data for students within a course?  Every so often we have to migrate a class to a completely new class mid-term via a manual course import, the attendance and grades data doesn't transfer.  I've found a manual workaround for the grades, but not for attendance.  Is there anything I can do to update the attendance data?  Thanks in advance!

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Depending on if you are long for a long-term solution regarding the usage of Roll Call, you might think about going to GitHub and set up your own version of Roll Call. We are looking into this as a possible way to import and export data easier since we would have access to the database that is storing the information. Right now, Instructure is holding that data and it is not easy to get.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @taplinj ,

I am curious, what is your use case for needing to migrate the class from one class to another mid-term?

I thought I would take a bit of a higher level look, I am interested in your use case and if there may be a better way to achieve what you need to do.

Look forward to hearing from you!