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LTI 1.3 - Copying a Canvas Course - Can not see copied grade book items when querying the gradebook

We have implemented a custom course copy logic in our tool provider that senses when a course has been copied using the LMS course context and creates a new course in our tool provider automatically. We are having an issue with Canvas however due to a behavior in the Canvas copy logic.

In our original course, we(the tool) can poll the gradebook using the lineitemsurl and receive lineitem entries for the lineitems that we(the tool) have created through the AGS service.  It appears as so:

[{"endDateTime":null,"id":"","label":"  Knowledge Check 1.1 ","resourceLinkId":null,"resourceId":"243312","scoreMaximum":4.0,"startDateTime":null,"tag":"s9781506376110.i1110"},{"endDateTime":null,"id":"","label":"  Knowledge Check 1.2 ","resourceLinkId":null,"resourceId":"243314","scoreMaximum":4.0,"startDateTime":null,"tag":"s9781506376110.i1157"}]

In our copied course,  when we poll the copied courses gradebook using the new lineitemsurl we appear to have lost rights to the copied grade book items even though they did get copied over to the new course. We just receive an empty gradebook:


We have three questions:

1. Is there a way to keep what I'm guessing are some type of rights to gradebook items on a copy?

2. Is there a way to give the lineitemsurl FULL access to all lineitems in the gradebook (regardless of if who they were created by)?

3. Is this a bug or purposeful behavior in Canvas?

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Just checking to see if anyone has thoughts on this, or if we should be asking in a different forum.