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Why does the Assignments API not return any Turnitin data and what can be done to fix it?

In our institution we use the Turnitin LTI and I am trying to get the turnitin_enabled and turnitin_settings from assignments configured to use Turnitin.

On Assignments - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation I find this information about it:

  • turnitin_enabled (boolean, optional): Boolean flag indicating whether or not Turnitin has been enabled for the assignment. NOTE: This flag will not appear unless your account has the Turnitin plugin available
  • turnitin_settings (TurnitinSettings, optional): Settings to pass along to turnitin to control what kinds of matches should be considered. originality_report_visibility can be 'immediate', 'after_grading', 'after_due_date', or 'never' exclude_small_matches_type can be null, 'percent', 'words' exclude_small_matches_value: - if type is null, this will be null also - if type is 'percent', this will be a number between 0 and 100 representing match size to exclude as a percentage of the document size. - if type is 'words', this will be number > 0 representing how many words a match must contain for it to be considered NOTE: This flag will not appear unless your account has the Turnitin plugin available

I have been testing this using the Live API in our production environment, but there is no Turnitin data returned, although we meet the criteria mentioned in the documentation.


What can be the reason of this and can it be fixed?

In May I have sent several tickets to Canvas Support (04346065, 04329919, 04323625) regarding this, but I have not received any help on this which is very frustrating.

I hope anyone can help me with this!

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I also want to get info on which schools and departments are using Turnitin assignments in Canvas. As a Turnitin admin, I can get reports on which instructors are using Turnitin and a report using Course names, but these reports do not give me the course code or subaccount, which would tell me which school and department these courses are in.
It does not seem like the API can reach or identify assignments that use Turnitin with the Canvas-native Plagiarism Framework. (

Please allow us to use the API for this! Thanks!