LTI 1.3, eduappcenter, and keys and secrets

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We've set up an LTI 1.3 integration, since as far as I know, 1.1 has been deprecated.

I'm now working on adding the app to the Edu App Center, so that it will show up when you go to "Apps" in Canvas (I think).

However, when clicking on most of those apps to install them, it asks for a key and secret. Am I correct that that's an LTI 1.1 construct? What would happen with 1.3? Could it still be installed as easily?


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Yeah, the EduAppCenter only really supports installation of LTI 1.1 tools directly into Canvas. You can have a LTI 1.3 app shown in the EduAppCenter, but it can't be easily installed by Instructors/Admins.

For LTI 1.3 you need to have a Developer Key configured and enabled on the root account, then once that's setup you can add the LTI 1.3 tool by using the client ID. This is not a workflow that I'd expect Instructors to be able to do so if you want it to be easily installable LTI 1.1 is the only way to go for now.

There is LTI Dynamic Registration but this isn't currently supported by Canvas and I don't know if Instructure plan on supporting it. Also I don't know if the EduAppCenter will support installing tools that support it.


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