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Hi Folks,

I am registering for LTI for account level, course navigation, and user an account level within a sub-account. However, after registration, I can see the LTI  launch link in the course navigation, and account navigation, but I cannot see it in the user account. When I do the registration on the main account, I can see it in the user profile, but it is visible to all users. I want the LTI launch link to appear in the user profile of the sub-account where I am registering. Is it possible to do this? 

I am following the standard way to register external tools but have had no luck. is it possible to show LTI launch URL to only sub-account users as it works perfectly for the sub-account course and it only gets added inside sub-account courses but not getting added to the user profile of the sub-account users?

is it at all possible to add LTI launch in user  profile vai sub-account inside canvas ?

please help.



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