LTI for Final Grade Submission by Faculty

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Hi All, 

We are looking for a Grade Passthrough LTI or something along those lines which allows for the following:

  1. Doesn't necessarily need to be in the gradebook. Perhaps a new page which opens. 
  2. Instructor sees Final Score, they can choose to override it if desired. 
  3. If the grade is an F they would get a drop down which allows a selection of earned or non-attendance. If they select non-attendance they would need to put in a date of last attendance. 
  4. When they have finished this, they click a Submit Course Final Grades button, and it would export a csv file to an SFTP folder. 
  5. The file would have a column for Student SIS ID #, Course Section SIS ID #, Final Grade, F Grade Attended/Non-Attended, Date of last attendance. 

Facts about us:

  • We use PeopleSoft here as our SIS.
  • We are higher Ed. 
  • Have less than 8,000 students per semester.

Does anyone know of an LTI which does this? I am open to exploring the idea of an LTI which may be designed to work with something besides PeopleSoft that has the ability to generate an output file.