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LTI to Display Content Into Different LMS

Hello canvas community, 

I am in need of an LTI that can dynamically show the content from our LMS into a different learning management system. I admittedly have little experience in coding, and a project of this magnitude is simply over my head. I was told in this thread that I needed something that would do this:

when the LMS launches your tool, it sends your tool information about the LMS instance/institution, class, current user, and the current user's role in the class. It can also send along information about the specific placement of the content in the course, such as a Canvas module.  Your tool then can provide content that is appropriate for the institution, course and user who is requesting it. The LTI protocol allows you to verify that the request is coming from a valid LMS instance, so you could only deliver content to institutions who have a license (for example)

 Is there anything out there like this already? If not, where does one even begin? 

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