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Listing Canvas Plagiarism Framework Assignments

Hi All,

Is there a way, either via the API or through Canvas Data (or some other way), to identify all the assignments that use the Canvas Plagiarism Framework (specifically Turnitin for our institution).

I can list all the assignments for all courses easily enough through the API with a python script, and there is a flag in the Assignments API called "turnitin_enabled" but I believe this refers to the LTI external tool, not the CPF.

We just wanted to get a sense of how many courses are using Turnitin with the CPF enabled.

Thanks in advance!

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A couple years ago I used Python to identify Turnitin assignments using LTI or the API. I have no idea if these tests still work and unfortunately don't have time to test them, but I offer them in case you might find them helpful:

lti = 'external_tool' in assignment['submission_types']

api = 'turnitin_enabled' in assignment and assignment['turnitin_enabled'] and 'external_tool' not in assignment['submission_types']

Good luck!

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This is frustrating, and a known bug that Instructure isn't interested in fixing, apparently.

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