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Lost Administrator Access

My company runs a self-hosted Canvas server. The person who administered this system left the company 9-10 months ago. The individual she gave an admin account to apparently has never signed in. Trying the "Don't know your password" function generates no email message for either the user who left the company or this new person. The email functionality of Canvas is working as using the same password reset function with other accounts results in an email being sent.

How can I get this person full admin access to all the content and users on the LMS? I do not have any login to the LMS. I do have root level access to the server hosting the LMS and db level access to the PostgreSQL back-end.

Probably relevant, this server is ancient. Ubuntu 12.04 and Rails 2.3.18. I do not know the version of Canvas. I am a very competent Systems Administrator with 20+ years experience managing and deploying many different platforms. I have zero experience with Canvas. So, while I can follow highly technical instructions, if they require any pre-existing knowledge of the Canvas platform I may need bit of hand-holding.

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Hi @WilliamVoyek 

Best support for open source/self hosted is going to be the Mailing List or the IRC Channel.


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Thanks, I will try posting there as well.