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I'm working on developing a process in PowerShell to mass load all of our student id photos as our student's avatar. 

I've based it off of the python script that is available in the unsupported github

While running into our test/beta sites, I've noticed after about +/- 2100 students, I stop getting the image tokens needed to make the call to set that image as the users avatar. I've noticed that the accounts that aren't getting the token back, no thumbnail has been generated for the image that was uploaded. For all of the accounts that have been successfully set, a thumbnail has been generated. 

I'm not sure if since these are not production sites if there is perhaps a delay in those processes happening?

Does any one have any ideas?



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There is a more aggressive rate-limiting of API operations against the beta and test instance. Did you look at the error response that you were getting?

When I was loading thousands of quizzes into a course a test instance, I introduced an exponential back off when I got errors in uploading new quizzes and reduced the rate of new attempts. This seemed to work and I could inject many thousands of quiz questions for a course. [This was when migrating content from an earlier LMS. Some of my colleagues had generated an enormous number of quiz/exam questions over 17 years.]


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