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A few months ago I posted here about a cheat detection system I was working on for Canvas in Python here, which delved into some of the technicalities and code behind it. Well now you can download it for yourself and try it out! Its release version has a few more features than mentioned in the original post (such as a whole settings menu!) and is a little more cleaned up. 

What you do with this software, is of course, your choice. It can only be so accurate, but the no exception mode I find to be particularly helpful to teacher's who don't want to here excuses and just want to see students who left the page during the test. 

Here's the link(s) to download it: 

If you have the software winrar click here

If you don't know what a winrar is click here

If you can't figure out how to use it based on the included ReadMe (I don't blame you), there's a slightly better video explanation here: NARC - YouTube 

Here's some screenshots to give you idea of the software: 




If you have any problems with the software, make sure to let me know here! 

Issues · ByrdOfAFeather/NARC · GitHub 

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