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Obtain list of Section Instructors and TAs

I've been working with the Canvas REST API for a while now but I can't figure out how to generate a list of instructors and specifically TAs assigned to a section. I can get the students (enrollments) for a section and I can get the instructors and TAs for a course but I can't figure out how to get the instructors and TAs for a section.

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Are you sure that your instructors and TAs are associated with section like students are?

At our school, we enroll faculty in the course and students into sections. We wouldn't get a teacher enrollment for a section that contained students. Instead, Canvas creates a section with the same name as the course itself, but the only people who go into it are those enrolled at the course level and not at the section level.

I use the course enrollments endpoint as it also includes section enrollments. For course_id = 2687822, I would use

GET api/v1/courses/2687822/enrollments

Student Enrollments have

  • type of StudentEnrollment
  • course_id of 2678722
  • course_section_id of 2950106 for my section 01 or 2950107 for my section 02
  • sis_section_id is populated for both sections (we use SIS imports)

Teacher Enrollments in this class have

  • type of TeacherEnrollment
  • course_id of 2687822
  • course_section_id of 2950114 (for my class)
  • sis_section_id is null (because the teacher isn't enrolled in a section)

Again, this is what it looks like for us where the teachers are not enrolled into a section by us.

You didn't provide information about how your system populates the enrollments, but I use the course enrollments to get all of the enrollments in the course including the sections they're in, rather than trying to get the enrollments one section at a time.