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Hi all,


I built a canvas integration which can pull in a user's current enrolled courses and drill down to show the user's public navigation tabs (assignments, grades, syllabus, etc.) The problem I'm having is that I'm not getting any tabs returned from the API. Here's the call:
`GET /api/v1/courses/:course_id?include[]=tabs`

What I expect to see in the object returned is a 'tabs' property with an array of the available navigation tabs like shown here:

Instead, a 200 response code shows me course details without any tabs.

I have checked to make sure in the course settings > navigation section of the instance I'm testing with, that there are available items in the navigation stack. Also for reference I'm using a test user that is enrolled as a student.

Is there anything I might have missed to enable this feature?


This is an example response I receive:

"id": 18004,
"name": [Redacted],
"account_id": 3,
"uuid": [Redacted],
"start_at": "2022-05-11T14:23:55Z",
"grading_standard_id": null,
"is_public": false,
"created_at": "2022-05-11T13:38:42Z",
"course_code": [Redacted],
"default_view": "wiki",
"root_account_id": 1,
"enrollment_term_id": 147,
"license": "private",
"grade_passback_setting": null,
"end_at": null,
"public_syllabus": false,
"public_syllabus_to_auth": false,
"storage_quota_mb": 2000,
"is_public_to_auth_users": false,
"homeroom_course": false,
"course_color": null,
"friendly_name": null,
"apply_assignment_group_weights": true,
"calendar": {
"ics": [Redacted]
"time_zone": "America/New_York",
"blueprint": false,
"template": false,
"enrollments": [
"type": "student",
"role": "StudentEnrollment",
"role_id": 3,
"user_id": 65786,
"enrollment_state": "active",
"limit_privileges_to_course_section": false
"hide_final_grades": false,
"workflow_state": "available",
"restrict_enrollments_to_course_dates": false
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