Python code samples

Community Champion

Howdy folks,

I'm looking for some more Python code samples for using the API to automate some of the mundane tasks I have been assigned.  I have been using some of the scripts located here: kajigga/canvas-contrib · GitHub but not all of them seem to be working.

Right now I'm specifically looking for a python script that will allow me to import quizzes. I have a list of 101 course ID numbers and I have a different quiz (QTI zip formatted) that needs to be uploaded into different course. So it would be really awesome if the script read the course ID, and file name from a CSV file so I could reuse the script the next time I have to do this. Any help is greatly appreciated!

P.S. I know as much Python as I do Spanish, which is not much.  I can ask "where is the bathroom" and that's about it.