Read-only access last after a course or term date ends?

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Hello! Does anyone know how long a student or teacher has read-only access for after the course or term date ends? I know that when the course end date or term date is set, the course will go to past enrollments. Is there a way to set the time on how long the course is available in past enrollments? Thanks!!

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Hi @HeatherBeatty ,

I don't believe there is currently an option for something like "read only for x years then remove all access".  There is an end date (which can very by user role, or even individual enrollments), and a switch that controls whether users can see the course in read-only mode after the end date or not.  Your institution/school could have scripts or SIS processes that completely delete a course after another amount of time, which could actually work out somewhat like you're describing, but someone would need to write scripts or configure your SIS integration to do that.


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