Request for DAP Client Source Repository

Community Member

It would be nice if there was a source repository for the instructure-dap-client library somewhere. I'm creating this post to facilitate discussion around this topic. This question has already been raised here and here. Even if the DAP Client team doesn't have the capacity for prompt response and feedback, being able to browse a code base through a git interface instead of having to download and extract a tarball would be a much better experience. I also recently suggested a change to the code (here), and it had to come in the form of a git diff copied and pasted into a forum reply, which feels much more brittle than submitting a pull request or an issue. Even if no one from Instructure was able to respond to the PR/issue for a while, it would create a centralized place to search through issues (rather than through all forum posts, especially since an issue might be posted in one of a number of different forums) and save others from duplicating time spent troubleshooting. I would love to hear feedback/opinions from others on this matter.