Ungraded feedback questions on lesson page

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Hey, I'm pretty comfortable with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and am starting to use the Instructure API more.  I have a request to develop a simple in-lesson feedback interaction that is ungraded, and we want to use maybe a question bank or question group in Canvas. We do not want to do this via an external product, just using Canvas.

I think I can write a little modal script for the quiz, and get the questions from the API; but I have three questions:

  1. Can I create an ungraded interaction like that or does Canvas require assigning at least a point for a question? Must all of these be incorporated into grading? 
  2. Is it better to use a question bank or find out more about what a question group is?
  3. Am I underestimating something? Again, assume I know the programming part. Am I underestimating something with Canvas?