SIS Data - Manage Granular Permissions June Release

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Hopefully this would reach someone who has been using Canvas cloud for the past 10+ years like we have, can peruse the Github repository for the open source version, or someone at Instructure who knows the codebase intimately:

We share a Canvas instance with other institutions in our district, and have sub-account admins with the 'Account Admin' role.

The June release broke our sub-account admins ability to delete courses with SIS IDs populated. Sub-account admins with the "Account Admin" role used this capability to bring archived courses back from being deleted for the purposes of content retrieval and then put them back in the archived/deleted state. This is referenced here by our root account admin.

A case has been submitted and we're being told "by engineering" that we should fix it by giving SIS Data - Manage permission to those users or otherwise by other strange workarounds. We are not able to be granted this permission for institutional administrative reasons at this time. The technician assigned to the case doesn't seem to have the ability to acknowledge that this release in June broke a rudimentary workflow. 

Does anyone else have this problem and can point out a reasonable solution in the code base that would just allow sub-account admins the ability to do what we used to be able to do in May of 2021 and not after the June 2021 release? 

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Our root account admin finally got through to someone at Instructure who could get engineering to admit this was an unintended glitch related to the granulated permissions matrix enhancements in the June release. The also confirmed with engineering that this behavior will be fixed in a future release or deploy. You might want to reach out to your CSM to see if they can confirm this.

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