Sort order/algorithm rules?

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Does anyone have a good handle on how Canvas sorts certain items in certain areas? I know there's some sort of lexicographical routine that will do things like make the number 10 come right after the number 1 in certain situations.

Here's a series of pages that have to-do dates filled in for the exact same time of 11:59pm, but they are sorting in this order in the course summary section of the syllabus:

M3-1: Evidence Based Practice: Overview and Learning Goals
M3-3: Required Reading: Types of Evidence
M3-2: Required Reading: The What & Why of EPB

What would make them sort in this order if they all have the same to-do "deadline", and better yet, how would one make them sort more intuitively by the first 4 characters in each string? M3-1:, M3-2:, M3-3:?

Thanks in advance

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