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Tracking student's activities


I'm working on creating an application that shows the timeline of all the activities that a certain student did for a certain course in a semester (e.g. quizzes, assignments, page views, discussions, etc...).

I want to show when each activity was due and when this student completed it.

What should be the best approach to tackle this using Canvas API?

Thank you

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I don't know how to do this with the API, but for Canvas Data, I replied to your other thread... 

Edit, I think this has been covered. 

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Hi there,

I have the same interest on this topics. I propose we classify the student's activities first. Here is a first cut:

  • Students’ use of learning materials, such as study guides and video chunks, in terms of (a) frequency of use (in terms of view/participation) and (b) duration of each usage (and est. total time spent)
  • Students’ use and content of collaborative tools, such as discussion forum, wiki, and chats, in terms of (c) frequency of use, (d) duration of each usage and (e) the content of collaboration.
  • Students’ use and results of assessments, such as PCQ and QUIZ, in terms of (f) frequency of usage, (g) duration of each usage, and (h) the results obtained.

The duration of activity (b), (d), and (g) would need to require requests table, as there seems to be the only place where time stamps are captured. 

On the other hand, there has been a tool to extract statistics of student activities It certainly captured many of the usage data of learning materials, collaborative tools and assessments. 

Look forward to exchange of ideas. 



Community Coach
Community Coach

 @kj460 , we did something like this for our Financial Aid office. It was to show last date of “attendance” for students as defined by last time they submitted an assignment (of any type) to a course and when. For more info on this see the following - Assignment Submissions Report Programming‌. Any questions should be directed to  @James ‌ as he is the one who programmed it.