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Unable to use the Analytics API due to being unauthorized?


I am currently developing a program in C# that will allow students to more accurately and quickly estimate what their grade will be in a course by the end of the semester. For part of the program, I would like it to automatically download the current data and grades for all of the assignments in a course, including the mean points earned (this data is viewable on the canvas website.) However, when I attempt to get this data by going to https://<my school's canvas>/api/v1/courses/<course id>/analytics/users/self/assignments , I get the following as a return message: 


{"status":"unauthorized","errors":[{"message":"user not authorized to perform that action"}]}


According to Analytics - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation, this is "user-in-a-course-level assignment data." Shouldn't this mean that students should have access to this data? If this is intended, is there another way that I can download the mean points earned on an assignment?


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