Updating User's Primary Email Address via API

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Hi all.

We at the University of Michigan are developing an integration between our Identity system and Canvas.  An important aspect to this is the ability to update a Canvas user accounts when a user's name or email changes.  We have not found a way to update the user's primary email address via the communication_channels API.  We can create a new email address.  But we cannot switch the primary email address to this new one, nor delete the original.  Ideally, we would be able to modify the default email address without creating a new one and deleting, but a workaround would be fine in the interim.

Have any of you run into this same problem?  Were you able to design a suitable solution via the API?

- Chris

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Hooray!  The solution was found in our Canvas root account permissions.  Setting this option: Users can delete their institution-assigned email address Allowed us to do what we needed.  There are business implications to this that we will need to sort through, but it does allow the technical workflow we desire. Let me know if anyone has any questions about this. - Chris

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