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Use API to Bring Back a Deleted Term

Does anyone know how to use the API to bring back (update) a term that has been deleted?

When I use the Canvas Live API to update a deleted term, I get an error message saying, "The specified resource does not exist."

When I try to insert the same term as new, an error says, "SIS ID \"[our sis id for the term]\" is already in use"


Any suggestions?



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Community Champion

Does your use case require that you restore it using the API? If not, I'd try doing a terms SIS import of the term with the status set to "active".

Community Participant

Thanks. While I know that the SIS Import can handle this, my long-term goal is to only use the API to keep Canvas and our SIS in a more instant sync.

I suppose I could continue to manage terms using CSV files since they don't change too often. I was hoping to be able to do everything through the API.

You could do an SIS import via the API using the sis_imports endpoint. (I'd be happy to share the Python code I use to do that).