Using API to get latest messages in conversations

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Hi Developer Community,

Following on from a post I made here about our struggles with conversations between our team and our students, I'd like to get some advice.

I am looking to engage a developer to build something for us.

We want to be able to get a copy of every message sent, and every message received by a user, then use something like Zapier to put each message in our student management system so there is a log of all communication easily viewable by our team.

I've been looking at the Conversations API and I can see how to access a conversation by its ID. I can see from the URL how to pull out a conversation, e.g. [account][conversation id].

I am just struggling to see how we would get each conversation when it is sent or received.

I just want to get a little more understanding of how this might work before I go and brief a developer on what we want done.

Has anyone here worked with the conversations API before?

What we are ultimately aiming for is to build something like my idea submitted here: so once conversations is working, we'll use the same approach to gather across the latest submissions, submission comments and grades etc. for a user.

If anyone already has something like this please let me know! Or if there is something already performing similar functionality, that would be amazing.

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