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Venting - New course navigation UI is horrible for LTIs!

Hey All,

I'm just venting but it really feels like this new Course Navigation UI with the eyeballs is a total blackboard moment for Instructure.  

The eyeballs are so distracting.  It makes it incredibly hard to focus on content when I just see them all over the course navigation.  If we change the sidebar colors via the themes editor, it doesn't even handle the transparency correctly.

To make matters worse, we have built a ton of LTIs for the course nav section, and even though we use the XML visibility setting to make it only visible to admins/faculty, it doesn't get the eyeball.

Come on Instructure!  Please fix this.


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I just tested the behaviour for LTI links and can confirm it's the same situation in our instance (we also set visibility via XML config). Eyeballs or not, the behaviour should be consistent across native and LTI navigation links.

Community Champion

Hello  @s_ ‌ - thanks for bringing this up, it is definitely an issue. I went ahead and created a feature request for this to be fixed at: