Virtual Reality in canvas

Community Member

I'm interested in integrating virtual reality (VR) content into my Canvas course using the Oculus Quest 2. I've explored a few options for embedding VR content in Canvas, but I'd like to gather insights from the community:

  1. Link Integration: How can I create a link to VR content in Canvas? Are there any best practices or considerations to keep in mind when using the "Link" feature?

  2. Embed HTML: If my VR content is web-based, how do I use the "Embed HTML" feature in Canvas to directly embed the VR experience on a Canvas page? Are there any specific HTML tags or configurations I should be aware of, such as using an iframe tag?

  3. External Tools: Have any of you used external tools that integrate with Canvas for VR content delivery? Are there educational VR platforms that offer Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integrations, making it easier to seamlessly embed VR content into Canvas?

I'm particularly interested in any practical tips, experiences, or recommended tools that the community has found useful for bringing VR into Canvas. Thank you for sharing your insights!