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Hi, ya'll. I'm trying to develop an autograding program for CS labs written in Java in my CS class, instead of just manually inspecting code in Speedgrader. I know there are other autograding programs out there and other alternatives to autograding with Canvas (like GitHub Education + Travis CI), but I'd like to develop my own as a good exercise in programming.

I was wondering if anybody has tried making one for Java code. I know K-State has a Java wrapper for the API but it's not complete and won't have 100% parity with the REST API that Canvas supplies. The other alternative is to use Python and maybe call the JTest suite using OS calls.

The general workflow for this project is to

1) download submissions as a ZIP file

2) unzip file and run JTest suite on each student's file

3) gather results into a text file, parse text file and change grades based on results (missing/won't compile = 0, failed test = 1/2 credit, etc, etc).

Thanks in advance!!

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