Add Confetti for On-Time Submissions on Student App

Our Elementary and Middle School students are all on iPads using the canvas student app‌ / ios student app‌

Please add the confetti for on-time_submissions feature option to the Mobile experience.

@tyler_witman ‌ and I tested, and it does seem to work on the Safari browser on iPads (yay for that!).  But most teachers/students use the Student App.)

Our younger students would also like to enjoy the virtual celebration when submitting assignments on time.

Thank you!

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Yes, please! Our students get so excited over the little things in life. They'd love to experience this fully in the os student app‌! I vote ConfettiForAll!

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My daughter's teacher has added this feature now I am trying to figure out how to add confetti to my courses for on-time student submissions, but cannot find out how!

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Hi  @tyork2 , isn't it great?  Especially now!   So, you'll have to contact your System Admin to turn on this feature -- they can simply turn it on for everyone, or allow you to Opt in, in which case you would need to turn it on in your own course.

Here is info:  

On Time Submission Celebrations

  • Canvas generates a virtual celebration when students submit assignments on time.
  • This change helps students engage with Canvas and encourages students to submit assignments on time.
  • Celebrations take place in Canvas for on-time submissions, which include both an initial submission and any resubmissions for any file type before an assignment due date.
  • Video:  38 seconds

Please help us by Voting this UP 🙂

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I love this, especially during a time like now! I'll have to see if our IT department enabled it.  Thank you for a way to make our students smile!

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I love this idea! It's a way to inspire the student to do the assignment on time. 

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Any form of motivation is greatly appreciated!

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In favor!

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Love the confetti!  Yes, I want it for my students.  

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Yes, even adults feel thrilled to see confetti. Without a doubt, the students will too!

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Confetti is not working on our Chromebooks. Any ideas? We have it enabled.