[Admin Tools] Grouping Courses after Sub-Accounts Applied

Problem statement:

(Still new to Canvas admin so this may have a solution but I couldn't find it) Background - via extract we use sub-accounts to group by our 4 different colleges and then sub-account in that sub-account for specific courses. We'd like to see a way to group (lump) courses into a group so we can admin those courses ala sub-account admin.

Proposed solution:

A way, via Canvas control panel and after extracts processed, to group courses together so we can admin them like we do with sub-accounts. For example, we have a 10 week term over the summer (in addition to a 5 week and a 8 week). I go to control panel, group the 10W courses, and then can use sub-account features (admins, adding LTIs, etc.) to that specific group of courses. For example, go to settings - app, create a link, using the redirect URL LTI, to our course evaluation platform and it is added to those grouped 10W courses only.

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Hi @JK_UBalt ! 

Thanks for your submission. 

The best way to "group" courses is to make put them into their own sub-accounts. After that is done, you can manage some of the area that you mention, like LTI tools, from the new sub-account level.

So you current structure for subaccounts becomes:

- College 1
-- Bio 101 courses (I'm not sure what you meant by "specific courses")
--- 10 week courses
--- 8 week courses
----5 week courses

It sounds like that's what you're asking for, but please clarify if that wouldn't work.

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Hey @jpoulos - thanks for responding!

We set up our sub-account system to itemize courses by colleges first then courses.  This is to help administer courses by college by specific admins (and we can't change this).

I'm thinking after the fact - it doesn't have to be sub-accounts per se but just a grouping courses together that have common permissions, schedules, etc.