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This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas


Our students are beginning to interact not only with our professors via Arc, but they are also interacting with each other using Comments.

The ability to be notified when students make a comment would be amazing.

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This is a huge one, especially in a K-12 setting when students may be leaving comments that aren't necessarily appropriate.  Getting an instant notification or at minimum, an hourly/daily summary of comments would be great.

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I would love to see this as well! Already in our initial Canvas training with instructors, they're asking questions in the comment area of our videos, and it would be great if students were notified when someone replied to a comment they posted, or instructors to know when their videos had been commented upon.

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I very, *very* much agree!  Arc is a fantastic tool - and the comment feature is a great way to increase student-teacher dialogue.  I want to use many videos in my course modules ... but it will be very difficult to 'scour' each module/lesson of every course every day to look for comments.  Smiley Sad    For the moment I'm almost always turning the comment function OFF, which I hate to do.  

A notification setting (even an optional one) to let me know when I have new comments on specific Arc videos would be fantastic!!!

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A notification setting for comments is very much needed. I would personally love it so much!!

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Yes! Yes! Yes!
If I can get a student to use the commenting feature, and one of them tries it out, asks me a question, and I never go back to respond (because I overlooked their question), I have missed out on a very valuable opportunity. (And I suspect the student will never try to use that tool again.)  We need the notification, please!

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I put a similar spin on this idea myself here if you all care to vote that up also: 

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This feature would be so wonderful for both students and teachers! I think the ability to tag individuals in comments with an @ mention would be so beneficial! Our course is based on tons of video content and this would enrich the Arc feature so much. 

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This would be very helpful to us as an organization. 

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Here at PUC Minas (Brazil) we do have a lot of courses and several interactions from comments in video. I'm are seeing this as one of main resources to improve user engagement once the student and teacher can react same as the questions are made in a traditional classroom. The main bennefit is that all parts are situated where the topic was presented. This is a cool thing. I would like to suggest that this functionallity should be analised with care.

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