[Assignments] Assign to everyone except selected students

There are some assignments that go out to the majority of my students except one or two per class. It would be great to be able to assign to "everyone" and then have a button to select which students are exempt from the assignment.

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With  many students taking our in person classes online, it would be great to be able to exclude them from assignments that are done in class, so that we can require them to do an adapted online version of the assignment.  Is this going to be a possibility?


I would LOVE this option!!! The students who most need the modified content are the ones who may be confused by seeing two assignments. 

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With Canvas increasingly being used in elementary schools as part of a mixed learning environment (some student fully online, others full face-to-face) the ability to quickly and easily assign to a few students or to all except a few students would be incredibly helpful.

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It is excruciating to need to use 24 clicks to assign each quiz or assignment, when I assign at least 5-10 things per day.  23 of 25 of my students access academic curriculum through me, the other 2 do not.  I have to select 23 students each time in order to not assign it to 2 students.  Please help!  Thank you!

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With all of the schools in my district using remote learning at this time, I have received this request from teachers multiple times. I have teachers who are giving modified assignments to a handful of students. That is easy enough to do. However, the other 80+ students who get the non-modified assignment is a different story. There is no realistic workaround. Tricking mastery paths is clunky and not secure. Groups makes things into group assignments. Sections is not an option since they are generated by the SIS. This is a MUST have feature. Teachers are already stressed trying to learn to teach remotely. Providing the the needed and often required modifications should really not be this difficult. 

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I come back to this thread each year when it is time for me to make this one assignment in my course; my thoughts with those of you who have to do this often! 

This year, I did use the newly-available workaround of assigning a separate due date to the 4 graduate students in my class, which allowed me then to leave the main due date as the original one I set for the 27 undergraduates. The graduates were given a date of 1/1/2021 for the assignments, and I sent them an email reminding them that they did not have to do the undergraduate biweekly homework. So at least I only had to click 4 people 7 times instead of 27 people 7 times. But god it would be nice to be able to put students into some sort of group without it needing to be a group assignment in order to differentiate whose assignment has what characteristics. This seems so basic! 

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Very important to be able to do this! TEACHERS NEED the ability to differentiate. 

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I don't know who sees this, and what their decision making capabilities are,  but this should be a priority for improving Canvas.  Even something like google classroom where you can select all and the un-select the two or three students who don't get the assignment would be a vast improvement over what is currently available. Please consider quickly adding this feature.


Overwhelmed elementary school teachers everywhere.

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Please create this option for differentiation. 

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I would like to add my voice to those asking for this feature.  With kids moving in and out of my in person class due to quarantine I desperately need a quick way to remove them quickly from the everyone assignment and provide them with a fully virtual option.  


Thank you!