[Assignments] Automatic Grading

As an instructor, I have students post discussion questions and responses each week. If they posted something, they get the points. However, there is no way to automatically grade these-- I have to manually grade each post... Please consider making an automatic grading system, so that the points show up in their gradebook as soon as they have posted. You will make a lot of instructors very happy... we rely on this type of assignment. 



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A lot of instructors will benefit from this function! For any complete/incomplete assignments as well.

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This feature would be incredibly helpful and seems fairly simple to implement. In large classes, requiring discussion participation on a pass/fail grading scale can be incredibly time consuming without an auto-grading feature for comments. Ideally, it would also be nice to set a minimum word-count to earn a point or designated points, but at this point I would take anything...

How has this not been implemented if other platforms include the feature??

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I am in the process of creating an asynchronous, non-cohort based professional development course in Canvas, and I agree that this feature is needed. It is extremely disappointing that there isn't a feasible way to implement discussion boards into a course of this format. Discussion boards are a powerful tool for interdisciplinary students to exchange perspectives. I am hopeful that the request for this feature is seen and acknowledged. Please make it happen!

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Yes I agree. This feature is much needed. 

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Agree this is still a must have, we have 7000 students spread over several subjects (with the max being 1700 students in a subject), and only 1-2 staff in that subject. The discussion board participation is a hurdle task, but the instructors have to manually click 'complete' aaaarrrrrgggggggggg. To make matters worse there are 5 discussion boards.... so a small group of humans is having to click 35,000 times per semester. 

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It is nearly 2 years after this post, and there is still no automatic grade for assignments like these. What a disappointment because going through the numerous assignments that could be auto-graded is tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating. Please, Canvas, fix this!

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This would be so helpful. It is important to have a check for original post and number of responses. I can quickly scroll through if I want to reduce someone's score for a poor response, but having to spend substantial time on everyone is simply unrealistic.

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I vote yes for this feature. Are there any no votes? Is there a plan to make this happen? 

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It's been more than 2,5 years since this was suggested, and still nothing. In fact, Canvas is even REMOVING the rudimentary functionality there used to be, now that graded surveys are being phased out at our institution in the coming months, to be replaced with "New Quizzes".

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Hi Canvas! Is someone looking into this? Looks like MANY people would appreciate this feature. A response would be much appreciate!