Auto Save Rubrics or Give Save Warning

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Several times, when grading with a rubric, I find that I have navigated away from the rubric without saving the marks. Is it possible to add a warning that the rubric markings have not been saved when I attempt to navigate away? I believe that sometimes this happens because I added comments at the bottom of the grading page, and only hit that "Submit" button, but not the Save button for the rubric. Perhaps that Submit button could take care of both the rubric and the comments? 

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It happened again and I am so angry I could light my laptop on fire. 


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i'm going to tag @Stef_retired again to see @holifiel's comment. Why isn't this being prioritized?

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rubric edits should be saved when you press the submit button in speedgrader.

Sloppy UX!

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I have had a problem with Canvas or my browser causing me to loose grading work many times. Specifically, it would be much better if the program autosaved work in a Rubric as you go it instead of requiring you to save at the end. This should include selections of criteria and comments.

Likewise when creating Rubrics, autosave changes would also be great. 


I am 100% sure that others would welcome this change since I have yet to meet a teacher who enjoys the time spent grading and is happy to throw away their efforts!


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What is the update on this issue? I have lost so many this last week and am beyond frustrated.  If some aspects can auto-save why is this one so difficult to fix?  This was first brought up back in 2019! You keep saying you do not have an update - why? what is the hold up then? 

On my mac, all I have to do is hit the 'p' key and it advances - perhaps this is the issue? 

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Actually, @mstpierre, it was even brought up back in 2018 in another place (

It is completely outrageous that this hasn't been solved yet. It is such a massive, important problem.  

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It happened a-stinking-gain. 

Please, please, please, Canvas: make rubric comments autosave. Please. Please. Please.

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This has been sat for 18months in this Open Conversation, I don't understand why. Its not just a nice new idea or minor annoyance, it is a major flaw in Rubrics. 

A rubric is supposed to be an efficient way of getting feedback to students. If feedback is continuously being lost and having to be rewritten it defeats the point of using Rubrics.  I might go back to paper which is harder to loose.

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Having two separate buttons to save comments and rubrics (Save and Submit) is a big reason why I keep making mistakes and losing LOTS of time spent on grading comments. Over the past years I've lost countless hours because of this design flaw. Please auto save, or make a single "Save" button that saves and enters. Please. Please. Please! It's a simple change that wouldn't create new issues.

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I like to switch back and forth between students so I can copy and paste comments I've already used while grading another student's assignment. I also switch back and forth between a current students different but related assignments.

The number of times I have accidentally clicked out of a rubric after I have written long comments and therefore LOST all of them because there is no autosave feature in the rubric is maddening!!!!

Can you please add an autosave feature!? It would be nice to have it autosave with a button to publish it when it is done. Something like "publish to student feedback"? That way I won't waste time trying to recreate all the comments I've put into the student's rubric.

The publish button would be important because you don't want them necessarily to see your comments until you are done grading but it would be nice to save your work along the way.