[Catalog] Allow Catalog User Account Updates to Email and Mailing Address

It's come to our attention that there is no way to update an email address or mailing address in Catalog for a Catalog User which causes issues in reporting and account management.  As it currently stands, there is a way to update an email address in Canvas, but this data does not automatically sync to the Catalog User account so the information in Catalog will be inaccurate.  Additionally, there is no way to update a mailing address in Catalog (either as the learner/user or Catalog Admin) which is problematic for both communication and data accuracy reasons.  As of now, it appears that the only way to have an accurate Catalog email and address is for the Catalog learner/user to re-register for a new Catalog account, but then they have to re-enroll in all their courses and their progress prior to registering for a new account would be lost. 

For these reasons, this is a significant gap in the system that should be addressed.

This idea suggestion is for the following items:

  1. Allow the Catalog User and/or Catalog Admin mechanisms/permissions to update the user mailing address entered upon initial registration
  2. Allow a Catalog User to change their email address in Catalog and have the new email be reflected/associated automatically with Catalog analytics and the associated Canvas profile
  3. if a learner changes their Canvas email address within the Canvas account profile, the data should sync back to Catalog so the data matches in both Catalog and Canvas
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This is just one of a few conditions in Catalog that leave you scratching your head as to how it could be this way.

Thanks @bromanski for putting this idea in the community, however I hope that the Catalog team considers it a "must do". 

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Thanks @DanBurgess for your vote of support!  I hope the Catalog/Instructure Team will take this and put it at the top of the list too.


This is a must-do especially if the enrollments are with one account and no enrollments are with the other. We need to have all enrollments under one account and to be able to update this information.

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I too support this update and hope it would be considered sooner rather then later. You have my vote for this change!!

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I definitely support this update!

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Yes! I agree this is needed!

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This is an important enhancement request, especially considering that the Catalog enrollment form does not provide for email verification. We frequently have students enter an incorrect email address when they enroll.