[Catalog] Allow Catalog User Account Updates to Email and Mailing Address

It's come to our attention that there is no way to update an email address or mailing address in Catalog for a Catalog User which causes issues in reporting and account management.  As it currently stands, there is a way to update an email address in Canvas, but this data does not automatically sync to the Catalog User account so the information in Catalog will be inaccurate.  Additionally, there is no way to update a mailing address in Catalog (either as the learner/user or Catalog Admin) which is problematic for both communication and data accuracy reasons.  As of now, it appears that the only way to have an accurate Catalog email and address is for the Catalog learner/user to re-register for a new Catalog account, but then they have to re-enroll in all their courses and their progress prior to registering for a new account would be lost. 

For these reasons, this is a significant gap in the system that should be addressed.

This idea suggestion is for the following items:

  1. Allow the Catalog User and/or Catalog Admin mechanisms/permissions to update the user mailing address entered upon initial registration
  2. Allow a Catalog User to change their email address in Catalog and have the new email be reflected/associated automatically with Catalog analytics and the associated Canvas profile
  3. if a learner changes their Canvas email address within the Canvas account profile, the data should sync back to Catalog so the data matches in both Catalog and Canvas

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Just to echo all the messages of support for this idea. This is causing severe issues for us.

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I think it would be a good idea to add mailing addresses to the information gathered catalog courses. It would help me keep track of where people are from and also help me report out to the distance learning office. @buddyhall 

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@martina_vasil @buddyhall 

We've actually added mailing address as a custom field so we can collect this information upon Registration.  What's not useful is that the user cannot update a mailing address if it's changed or entered incorrectly and we can't make any updates to user information that needs to be changed.  I posted a feature suggestion to make this possible if you'd like to upvote: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Idea-Conversations/Allow-Catalog-User-Account-Updates-to-Email-an...

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@martina_vasil is looking for collecting information at enrollment, not user registration. Collecting information at user registration is only helpful for new people and applies to the entire catalog.

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Following up on this to hopefully revive it. The issue persists where existing Catalog users have no functionality to modify their User Registration once it is created. The same is for Catalog administrators. The problem is extended as this applies to all subcatalogs, regardless of whether the registration form / User Defined fields are different. 

This means an existing user will never be prompted to enter their User Registration information for new / different subcatalogs, which can be assumed to have different form fields. 

Given this, I'd almost prefer that all users are prompted to enter the User Registration fields regardless, of whether they are an existing user. We cannot have confidence in the addresses collected for our users via Catalog (since the accuracy is dependent on when they created their User Registration not when they created an Order for their Enrollment), so an entirely separate business process is needed to request/confirm their shipping address. Similarly, any remotely temporal information like T-Shirt Size is usually collected outside of Catalog as we cannot assume all the registrants were prompted to create a User Registration. 

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I also support this! 

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Again, this is essential functionality!


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Thank you for bringing this up again! It's still very needed due to the vast complications that arise if a Catalog user changes an email or enters it incorrectly. 

This may be a separate feature need, but it would indeed be extremely helpful if we could collect registration data per enrollment if needed. This would solve many data collection problems because Catalog does not allow for individual registration forms per listing. One example of this being very useful is being able to collect industry/CEU license data, institutional affiliation, and how they heard about the course per listing. 

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I agree this would be a very useful update.

Our institution cannot find much uses for the user defined fields as the information cannot be updated/maintained, nor is it collected for returning users even if it is their first time in a sub-catalog or catalog in general.

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