[Course Settings] Temporary Courses

Problem statement:

With the new feature of temporary enrollments recently being added (it's an amazing feature), I was wondering if a similar feature for courses could be created. We get lots of requests for instructors to have access to prior courses taught by different instructors. I don't give direct access to prior courses in the off chance that the "visiting" instructor unintentionally edits or deletes an assignment and as a result changes a student's grade. Instead, I create a copy of the course and add the instructor to the copied course. While this does work as intended; it also creates a pool of course copies that after 2-3 weeks the instructor who made the initial request for course access doesn't need the course anymore.

Proposed solution:

Allow courses to automatically be concluded or deleted within a set date. This would create a temporary course that the instructor(s) could use for reference while they are building/designing their current or upcoming courses that were taught by a different instructor in a prior semester. The course would then disappear from the instructor's course list after the set date and help them more easily navigate through production courses.

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