[Credentials/Badges] Ability to associate LinkedIn organisations with different issuers in Canvas Credentials

Problem statement:

Currently admins can only associate LinkedIn issuing organisation accounts at org level within Canvas Credentials. This means that when a student shares their credential on LinkedIn, it shows that it’s associated with the overall organisation rather than the specific issuer. This overall organisation may not be how the credential should be displayed on LinkedIn.

Proposed solution:

Allow admins to associate LinkedIn organisation accounts with individual issuers. i.e. Issuer A associated with LinkedIn org A Issue B associated with LinkedIn org B The purpose of this would be so that when a student shares their credential on LinkedIn, it will show that it’s associated with the correct issuing organisation.

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Hi JamesCarr!

If it is enabled on organizational level by the organizational admin, then the issuers can define different LinkedIn Organization for their own badges. To enable it, you just have to follow these steps:

1.  Go to the "Content settings" tab on the "Edit Organization" page.

2. Enable and save "Allow Changing the Default Issuing Organization" toggle, which will provide ability for issuers to modify the organizational level issuing organization by adding a different LinkedIn Organization Id.

3. Go to "Edit Issuer" page and select the "Content settings" page. If the above toggle is enabled on an org level, you will find at the bottom of the page a "Sharing" section, where the issuer level LinkedIn org Id can be defined. 

Please let me know, if you need further assistance with this issue. 

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Hi @DoraJekkel - thats great news, thanks for letting me know. Can I check, has this functionality always been available or is it a recent release? 

I raised this question with the Canvas Credentials support team and they asked me to raise an idea here in the Canvas community so just wondering if this is a new thing?