Deduct X% or X points per day for each day an assignment submission is late

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As an instructor, I want to specify that late submissions to a given assignment have X% or X points deducted from their possible score for each day the submission is late. This setting would be configurable at the course, assignment group, and individual assignment level. I should have the option to manually override late penalties for a given student.


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Originally posted by: Neal Legler

Special thanks for contributions from: Mike Griffiths, C. David Frankel, Annaleah Morrow, Desiree Shultz



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 @Renee_Carney ‌, is there some place where we can actually see a list of all "Ideas" that make it to "Product Radar"? Ideally, I'd love each idea in "Product Radar" to be accompanied by some indicator or barometer of progress on the implementation of the idea. As it stands now, I find these announcements of "Ideas" moving on to "Product Radar" to be too vague to be informative. Just my 2 cents.

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 @Renee_Carney ‌, I know you mean well in your response, but referring me to this document is unhelpful in answering my question.

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 @cohenf ‌,

Go to the Community Homepage and click on Share Ideas. If you scroll down a little, the center of the page is filled with colored bars with the different stages and if you click on any one of those, it will show you the feature requests in that stage.

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 @James ‌, thank you.

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I agree! We have many large sections of over 100 students and some sections with 1000s of students. Grading takes a very long time to do with that many students.  The more functionality with rules, the better!

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This is part of our assessment policy and currently has to be done manually. It would be more efficient to be able to do this at a whole of system/sub account and course level. 

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It looks like there has been some progress on this idea.

I found that there is now a "Late Policy" API endpoint: Late Policy - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

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Instructure Alumni

Good eye, akkaufmann‌! Phase I of the Gradebook Priority includes "Late and missing flags with automatic deduction policies."

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This would be great. Especially given that currently the system only identifies the date an assignment has been submitted, not how late it is. So much extra manual work!