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Deleting pages one at a time can be time-consuming - 3 clicks per page.  It would be great to mark them and delete in bulk.  Seems like most course creators will face this at one time or other.  I'm resubmitting this idea, which failed to get enough votes. I wonder if it was the time period - end of semester, so not when people are creating or updating their courses.  Maybe now is a better time for this idea!


This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2020-08-15) 

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Please add this feature. It is painful to have to delete each page separately. It will also help people clean-up their courses and free up space!

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Community Team
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Please add the option to be able to delete multiple pages and files at one time.  Click an edit, check those want deleted, and click delete.

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This would be a GREAT feature to add!  In my case, I'm dealing with a course pack from my publisher that I thought wasn't uploading correctly.  Turns out that it uploaded...MULTIPLE now I have  over a hundred pages that I'm having to delete one by one.

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Been over a year now on this one. Canvas, please add this feature to more than just pages! A checkbox next to things with actions would be much appreciated. 

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I see this idea has been under consideration a very long time. Please, get this into Canvas, it is badly needed! I am faced with having to delete hundreds of pages from multiple modules, which is currently too time consuming to even consider. Meanwhile, the excess pages slow down the response time of those modules. I am constructing an elaborate work around which I hope will keep things functional, but really, multi-page deleting is such a basic and essential function, it needs to be added!

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Your App is VERY helpful in filling this huge gap in Canvas functionality.

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Community Coach

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Continues to be such a torturous process otherwise.

I don't know why more importance is not placed on Pages and the role they play. If you think K12 student respond to neverending modules made up of list upon list of uploaded files then you are sadly mistaken. We have got to do something that makes things more engaging and exciting.

Time for a bit more attention to pages and mixed media content!

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I'm glad I'm not the only one prodding the Canvas development gods at Instructure to create/improve bulk-type functions like selecting multiple items for manipulation.

From June 2016: 

Thanks,  @kraemer ‌, for posting this function request.