[Discussions] Bring back push notifications for discussion boards.

I'm not sure why push notifications for discussion boards were disabled, but please reenable them.  I'm a student and they were a great way to get notified when there was a new post, or response.

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I agree with all of this. I rely on the push notifications for prompt responses to my students' discussion posts.

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I relied heavily on push notifications in discussion board posts.  Please allow this option to be turned back on.  

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Ugh.  It's embarrassing.  With five online classes, each having at least two Q&A-type DBs, getting notifications to my phone is crucial.  I had always prided myself on my quick response to their posts on these DBs.  Without these notifications, I spend so much time "just checking." Bring them back...please?

And, even though the subscribed boards are supposed to send email notifications, I don't get those either.  

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Yes please bring back push notifications for discussion posts.

With SMS no longer available as an option - this is a must have feature

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Please bring back push notifications! Without it, the functionality of Canvas Discussions is severely limited.

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Most message boards on the internet have a built in notification system - not a daily or weekly digest, but an individual notification option for each individual action - an email for a reply to my discussion is MUCH better than an email listing all the replies of all the boards for the day.  I can't believe this hasn't been implemented when it is standard for the most basic message board systems and all of the social media services we use like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube - you name a social service, advanced specific notification is available.  If students or teachers don't want that they should be able to turn it off, but it is shocking that my professors expect us to be engaged in discussion when there is no notification system in place to encourage discussion.  We're all learning remotely now, there's really no excuse for ignoring this glaring error in the system if we're meant to be actively engaged in discussion.

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Canvas, it has been long enough since you removed this feature. The code already exists as you just turned this feature off so it's not that you need to spend months developing it. Please turn back on push notification options so that we can use discussion boards again properly.

I even get individual emails about this pages discussion board when someone complains about the notifications being removed. (There is a checkbox at the bottom of this text editor panel I'm typing in right now that says "Email me when someone replies".) As someone else pointed out, notifications of replies to a discussion board your subscribed to is an expected basic and global feature across any discussion platform.

Please turn this back on! 😟

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SMS gone and push notifications not supported is most definitely a negative move for Canvas. I used discussion board for student questions and with the notifications going to my phone and fitbit allowed me to give them immediate attention. 

PLEASE turn this back on!!

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Please turn these back on! If someone doesn't want push notifications, they can turn them off!

I will miss some important discussion posts if I'm in there every day now having to check and see what has been posted. When you have 6 or 7 classes, it is much more work to do!

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yes agreed - bring back push notifications for discussion posts

We were told that we dont need SMS anymore because we have push notifications - but we need them for discussions