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This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas


We should be able to create a copy of an existing quiz in Canvas with the click of a button.

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This idea was completed with general availability of Quizzes.Next.  You can find more information about the overall project in the Quizzes.Next User Group.‌

  • Quizzes.Next is now available for all paid accounts.
  • Quizzes.Next documentation will live in the Quizzes.Next User Group until July 14, 2018. On July 14, 2018, all of the documentation will be moved to the Canvas Guides in the Canvas Instructor Guide or Canvas Student Guide
  • Quizzes.Next updates will be included in the Canvas Release Notes. This includes new features, updated features, and relevant fixed bugs. New and updated features will be deployed to Quizzes.Next near the same time as the Canvas release. Fixed bugs may be deployed at any time.
Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Hello Colleagues,

This is a great idea, and one we are actively exploring.  We may not get to this in the next six months; however, it is on our radar to allow copying of multiple types of gradable content within Canvas. We expect to share more as we can on this feature's status.


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I tried this today, and it worked 3 times, but then started overwriting previous quizzes, even though I had renamed them AND edited questions. I had to work around the work-around by importing into a separate course, editing there, and then importing back into the original.

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We experienced the same problem, too. Despite having changed the name of the copy, the third time the template quiz was copied, it overwrote the second. Asking a faculty member to import to a different Canvas course site, edit, and then import back to the original seems impractical at our school.

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It would be wonderful if after I create a quiz I could duplicate it to modify for individual students. This would allow me to differentiate with more ease for gifted students (I could "beef" up the quiz) or reduce answer choices for students with IEPs or ESL. I know I can create new quiz for each of my different students using the question bank but that would still require more work to create quiz, add questions, and then modify question. It would be so much easier and time effective to duplicate a quiz and then only have to modify it. This would also be useful with giving pre and post assessments.

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I really hop Canvas is still exploring this feature. It is crucial for me to be able to create multiple versions of a quiz for differentiation, and it is currently a pain in the neck to make 3 versions of a quiz. As others have posted, I am able to make two versions by "copying" the content, but the third version overwrites the other two.

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Canvas allows only one copy of a quiz to be generated at a time using "Import Content into this Course" under the "Settings" menu when selecting the same course for the source as for the destination.  It took me at least 2 hours to make 20 copies of the same "quiz" that I use as a recurring assignment in my course, in part for the following reasons:

1) Canvas seems to allow copying a quiz only three times before it starts overwriting previous copies, sometimes changing the quiz number when ordered sequentially (for example: "Notes for Week 1",  "Notes for Week 2",  "Notes for Week 3".... etc.)  After making three copies, done one at a time through "Import Content into this Course," a new quiz needs to be generated to be copied three more times with this process repeating.

2) After each iteration of the copying process, it is required to leave the settings menu to re-name the newly copied quiz before generating another individual copy of the same quiz.

3) Questions in the question bank can't be organized so that copying the questions from one bank into one quiz can't be completed without having to re-arrange the questions in each newly generated quiz.

4) If quiz settings need to be modified in 20 identical quizzes (other than the change in sequential numbering), it is necessary to go into each quiz individually to change the same setting (e.g., change from 1 allowed attempt to 2 allowed attempts.)

It would be great if there was a way to quickly and easily make multiple copies of the same quiz or assignment, perhaps with a setting that it is a "master" copy that students don't actually access.  This "master" copy could serve as the template for other quizzes/assignments whereby the teacher can make changes in the "master" copy and a box could be checked to apply those changes to all copies of the quiz/assignment within that course, even if students have accessed some of the assignments already.  Understandably, the dates would likely need to be set one quiz/assignment at a time, but including an option to make a bulk change to the time due would be a welcome addition as well.

Progress in any or all of the above would be most welcome.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your consideration.

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Hi Jason,

Again I am wondering where Canvas is on this. Here was another opportunity to ask since this one has been out here for a while and lots of people are asking for it. Commons is great for sharing content but not so much for copying content especially not multiple copies.

Thanks so much,

Karen Matson

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Add me to the list of folks who find it extremely frustrating to have to build out a course with 15 identical weekly assignments (for example).  It really oughtn't require anything more than entering '15' and 'weekly' into a form rather than re-entering every detail of an assignment over and over and over and over and over again.

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"Asking a faculty member to import to a different Canvas course site, edit, and then import back to the original seems impractical"

I hereby nominate this quote as understatement of the year.

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I want to add my support to anyone at Canvas to implement the sort of changes that others have suggested in this thread. I find the prospect of essentially having to re-type my quizzes for my next presentation of the same course ridiculous.