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We should be able to create a copy of an existing quiz in Canvas with the click of a button.

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It has been well over a year that many of these feature requests for "copy X" were made.  Has there been any progress on these?  I need to copy survey quizzes quickly and easily. 

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@jason Sparks Any updates a year later? 

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This is frustrating. I tried Canvas on my own 2.5 years ago and was forced to move back to D2L after working to promote Canvas to my school. Now my school has me piloting Canvas as we consider moving away from D2L. However, without a simple Copy option and the fact that this has been an issue for as long as it has been, how can I recommend this LMS? At least D2L allows copying despite its bureaucratic design. I'm tempted to use Google products to fill the gaps of these LMS systems. For this semester, it looks like I'll have to use Qualtrics or Google Forms for survey/quiz purposes.

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Community Team
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The difficulties copying content in canvas are very frustrating and time wasting.  I agree with all who say we should have an easy copy dialog within the course.

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Enjoyed Jason Sparks, Sr. Project Manager Canvas.Live stream at CanvasCon SMU: Sweaty Palms Is Not a Resort - YouTube  ...

Great features on the horizon.

However, hope to see an easy way to duplicate and combine quizzes and modify for a variety of reasons - review assessment, share with faculty, etc.

Imagine short quizzes (like exit tickets) being combined as a unit test or an accumulative review.

I have created quizzes (and templates) that I would like to share with my colleagues, but without the ability to duplicate it will only frustrate colleagues that are not inclined to invest the time (and will likely turn off (more) colleagues to Canvas). We would like to share quizzes by grade level and departmentally and modify/duplicate accordingly. 

In my humble opinion, this update should be a high priority given the tremendous time saver it would be! 

And ease the angst of users in creating the same quizzes over and over again (madness) - who has time for that?

Plus it seems to me that duplicating quizzes would be a tremendous selling point to demo (how easy it COULD be) with Canvas!  

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Community Coach

Thanks  @sgraff ‌ for this workaround. I tried to edit the XML of an exported quiz but wasn't successful in exporting-editing-reimporting making a duplicate. I notice that the second quiz has the same publish status.

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I really need this!! Right now, I make a quiz, and then I make it all over again so I can add my voice reading the questions for my students with accommodations. I need to be able to copy my original quiz so I just have to go in and add the recordings.

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If your students use Chrome as their browser, there is an extension you can add called "ChromeVox" that is text to speech. It would save you time on having to record yourself. I do it with my students that need accommodations. I have them turn it on and off as needed.

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And while you're developing this, Deactivated user, how about throwing in a duplicate question feature too?