[Files] Image Magnifier

Problem statement:

It is often difficult for students to explore detailed images or documents (e.g. USGS topographic or geologic maps in earth science, geology, geography courses) in a meaningful way online without taking numerous screenshots of various parts of the map and directing them to exactly what we, instructors, want them to see. This doesn't allow students to explore the image/document on their own in a self-guided manner.

Proposed solution:

The proposed solution is the ability to add a magnifier (example: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/tryit.asp?filename=tryhow_js_image_magnifier_glass) or at least embed a widget that enables magnification (example: https://www.commoninja.com/widgets/image-magnifier/examples). When scrolling over the image or, in the case of mobile, moving one's finger across the image, that region of the image is enlarged to the instructor/designer's specified magnification. This solution would allow learners to explore complex images (e.g. maps) autonomously and make discoveries without the guidance of specific screenshots from the instructor.

User role(s):

instructor, designer

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Status changed to: Will Not Consider

Thank you for your suggestion! It's an interesting idea, but I have marked it as "Will not consider" because it's not something we will be able to get to soon. We still have record of this request and it's something we may reconsider in the future.