[Gradebook] Assign a Missing Status to assignments by typing in "M" as the grade

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

When grading I can type in "EX" and Canvas automatically gives it a "Excused" status. Why can't I do this for assignments deserving a "Missing" status by simply typing in the letter M? 

Right now, in order to assign work as "Missing" I have to click on each individual student with missing work, click the grade tray and select the appropriate radio button... for over 100 kids per assignment. 

If I could simply type in M for missing, it would make grading more effective and accurate and speed up the process drastically. 

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Please add shortcut keys for the missing assignments.  Stopping to click mouse and then click a toggle button makes such a struggle and slows down the entire process.  I teach lower level and I can have over half the class not turn things in on time and need the reminder of a missing mark to help them make it a priority.  I would take any short cut key.. "m" "mi" "?" "!" Please just add something instead of this outdated system of clicking that is in place right now.

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I would also like to take away Missing Status directly in speed grader or remove once an assignment is graded. I am graded previously missing assignments and they still say missing. 

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Teachers enter statuses for missing and late assignments in the New Gradebook. Teachers can type EX for excused but cannot type M for Missing or L for Late. It would be glorious if they could! Having to open the grade details tray and arrow between each student and then click on the Missing or Late status is very time consuming. I think this would be a great update to the New Gradebook to help teachers quickly mark the status for assignments.

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Please add this!  It would make my life much easier!!!

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I completely agree. This would also make it more clear for both students and parents. Many parents/students have trouble interpreting the gradebook, anything we can do to clarify would be helpful to all.

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This would be very helpful!

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Another Community Member Request for Gradebook Hotkeys. For an instructor of 5 students, manually using the drop-down options or that annoying sidebar nonsense might be ok but when you have 10 classes of 35+, hotkeys are essential! I worked at the IRS for a while and can 10-key a mile a minute but it takes AGES to mark assignments as late, missing, complete, incomplete, etc. It literally will quadruple my grading time if I have any sort of paper assignments that I am manually adding into the gradebook and I have to manually mark assignments as missing or incomplete. 

PLEASE PLEASE add Hotkeys to the gradebook! I will personally comment on this post thread and any others on this same topic every single day this school year if I have to in order to bring this to Canvas' attention!

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We need to be able to just type M for a missing assingment

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This is a basic capability that all grading programs need -

Shortcut for missing assignment, automatically remove the missing tag when an assignment is scored (regardless of whether it is through speedgrader or any other external source).

The time that it takes to click each student and open the tray to mark missing is not user friendly at all.