[Gradebook] Hotkey options for gradebook (late, missing, excused)

There are some assignments that I manually enter grades for if it is submitted on paper in class. It would be nice to have a hot key option when entering grades for late, missing and excused work. Currently, I have to stop entering scores, click to get the box open, click on the option, and click on the next box to move on. It would save time and make it more seamless to be able to type an "l" for late, "m" for missing and "e" for exempt.

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Yes! This would be very helpful, or even a way to default grade missing assignments for those who have not turned in work. 

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Yes please I need desperately need a hot key for missing.  I've used many other digital gradebooks and they used either "m" or "mi"! It doesn't matter which!  I teach lower level students so I may have 5-10 per class who haven't turned in an assignment.

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Please add shortcut keys for the missing assignments.  Stopping to click mouse and then click a toggle button makes such a struggle and slows down the entire process.  I also teach lower level and I can have over half the class not turn things in on time and need the reminder of a missing mark to help them make it a priority.  I would take any short cut key.. "m" "mi" "?" "!" Please just add something instead of this outdated system of clicking that is in place right now.

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have hotkeys been added to Complete/Incomplete? or we have to manually open drop down and select?

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Agree! Adding a shortcut for missing would be useful too, like the 'ex' for excused.

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I agree! How do we get this idea in a place to be voted on?

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Couldn't agree more! Come on Canvas! This is basic stuff! Get those hotkeys going for missing assignments. 

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The option to have assignments automatically default to Missing and Zero after the due date does not work for assignments that are done through an external tool (Like Nearpod or TestOut). I teach 8-10 class periods per term with an average of 32 students per class. There is always a handful who don't do the work and it seems like when I use external tools I actually end up with MORE assignments (Sometimes up to 8 per day). It takes a LOT of my very valuable time to go mark all of those as missing. A hot key would be heavenly! 

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YES!!! Please, please please! It's SUCH a pain to grade and mark all students with precision and accuracy- late, missing, complete/incomplete because each individual student has to be manually entered as such. 

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Agree! Please set up a way to default as missing for external tools or a quicker shortcut to mark as missing.